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The first step to making an amazing Lego model is to dream your design. Just think of a basic idea of what you want to build, without fully materializing it.



The 2nd step to building an amazing Lego model is to design your model fully. Either sketch what it will look like, or write a brief description of what the the model is.



The next-to-last step is to gather the pieces needed to create the model. Or rather, the key pieces. you do not have to gather every component, but rather only the most visible/important pieces.


The final step is to actually build your model. Using your sketch and the key pieces you collected, build your idea. if you are not happy with it, go back and repeat steps 1-2 as many times as necessary until your model is what you envisioned.


Building amazing LEGO models is cool on it’s own, but by following my 4-step program to success, your LEGO models will be the best around. In fact, people won’t stop complimenting you! It’s all part of the program.


Assembly is an essential part of building any model, but it can be time consuming, especially when you’re trying to impress people! But by following my 4-step guide to success, you’ll build faster than a speeding bullet.


Hi, I’m Josh Holt, and I love to build Legos,but they always took a long time to make even though they were small.

But I wanted to build bigger.

After a little while I stumbled upon the 4-step Lego building process that let me build much faster, and as a result of that, let me build my models bigger, too.

People love my models so I decided to share my four-step process with the world.

So be sure to enter your name and email above so I can send you the process and you can stay up to date on the best tips for Lego building.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, watch 9 year old me’s Lego video